Monday, July 23, 2012

Blooming Flower Cushion


This is a pretty exciting post for me ... I finished my first ever pillow cover! 
I got my inspiration yet again from the wonderful Lucy of Attic24. Her "Blooming Flower Cushion" was so cheerful I knew I would have to give it a try. . . Now that I have finished one pillow/cushion I know I will make more! 

You may remember when I picked this yarn up in Abingdon, Va about three weeks ago from the lovely yarn shop, A Likely Yarn. I chose a blend because I wanted it to stand up to spills, cats, and eventually baby! I see this cushion needing some good washings over the years! :)

 Aaaah ... the beginning ... 
Hmmm ... maybe this thing will work after all! 

I started out using the Susan Bates bamboo handle 4.00 (g/6) hook ... usually one of my favorites - but with the nature of this project I found the notched head caught too much on the yarn ... and since I wasn't going for a necessarily tight stitch it was getting a little frustrating. I decided to dig through my bag of hooks for something a little more forgiving. . . I found the hook pictured above. It was a nice basic metal hook with a smooth easy to work head. Working with it on this project was a DREAM. . . I also was very excited about using this because it belonged to my Grandmother, Gigi (Grace Lay Rollins). She was a very enthusiastic crocheter and knitter. Of course, I didn't discover my love for the needle/hook arts until long after she passed away. I still find it sad she and I never got the chance to sit and craft together. BUT low and behold, last Christmas my mother gave me one of the best gifts I have ever received ... My mother is a wonderful seamstress and I have always been lucky to reap the benefits of her creations. Her gift to me this year was a handmade project bag (I will have to get some pics up of this to really do it justice), with tons of pockets and various needle holders. As if that wasn't enough - it also contained some things I thought were lost forever - my grandmothers crochet hooks/knitting needles and supplies (like labels, stitch markers, row counters, measuring tape, etc)! I was ECSTATIC! So, this wonderful HERO metal hook made in Germany was part of that stash. It really made me feel a connection to my grandma while I was making this cushion ... and I think that positive energy is partly why it turned out so great! 



Aaaah ... Doot Doot Doot(the cat) really loved snuggling up to this yarn.
I love this pic ... Ernie, Doot Doot Doot, and my very beautiful flower that is getting very blooomy!

 Can't really push her off ...

I took a little break ... I had to wait for my pillow form to arrive! 
But as soon as it came ... it didn't take long for me to finish!

 Left: Back of Cushion - Right: BLOOMING FLOWER!

A shot of back of the flowery part - so basically behind the petals ... still pretty though!

 I know I'm posting a lot of pics ... but I just love these colorful petals!

Time to start stitching these suckers together!

If I had any skills with a sewing machine I would have lined each side and put in a zipper ... 
BUT I don't, so I just stitched it all the way up ... 
there is some extra stuffing so I think it will hold up over time. 


You know you want to snuggle this! 


I can't thank Lucy from Attic24 enough for her fantastic tutorial <-click here! 
She always can make the most daunting of patterns or projects easy to follow and fun to create!

Hope you all enjoyed my colorful creation! 
Check out Lucy's tutorial if you want to try one of your own... :)
It hasn't left my side yet ... :)


  1. I love your pillow!!! I've been wanting to make one for awhile now but seeing your's has striked that fire higher and now I really want I make one. Gorgeous! I love your little Ernie bump, you'll miss it when it's gone but nothing can replace the happiness of having them in your arms. Where'd you get the pillow form from?

    1. P.s. swiped hubby's phone so I could comment finally! :-)

    2. Thanks! Glad you liked it! I ended up ordering it online from the If I could use my sewing machine I would have rather just whipped one up! Would have been much less expensive. . . The pillow I ordered was pretty nice ... If not a little overstuffed but I'm hoping it will squish over time/love. Thanks for commenting! I love feedback :)

  2. Wow, it's gorgeous, so bright and cheerful. It makes me want to make another one in gorgeous rainbow colours.

    1. Thanks! My living room is getting more and more colorful! :)

  3. Gorgeous cushion and super cute kitty cat

  4. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, what a nice one! I recognise that lovely cushion too, for the I Love Lucy Group, because I remember how much I liked your quilt too! Congratulations on the pregnancy and good luck with the blog. Looks like it's going great so far.

    Sandra x

  5. Love love love love love it! So inspiring, congratulations on finishing your blooming flower. Fiona xx

  6. Congratulations. Your pillow is so beautiful with warm colours and you looks very happiness in your photos. Bravo.

  7. Oh that is beautiful ... I have a need to make on of my very own now!! xxx


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