Friday, August 30, 2013

Golden Snitch Crochet Pattern

Okay, so for those of you who aren't aware I'm a pretty big "geek." I absoultely LOVE Harry Potter, Doctor Who, and of course Lord of the Rings. As you can imagine I have done a fair bit of crafting involving all three of these realms of geekery. I have found that my Golden Snitch has been one of the most popular items at various conventions and amoung my friends. So, I have decided to share this very simple pattern with the world - please enjoy!
- Worsted Wieght Yarn - gold and off white
- Hook - 4mm or G/6
- Polyfil fiber stuffing
- Large Needle for sewing
Stitches & Techniques:
- Magic Ring/Adjustable Loop
- Slip Stitch
- Chain (CH)
- Single Crochet (SC)
This ball is made in the round, this means you will not join between rounds but just keep going continously around. Please use a stitchmarker between each round so you know where to start.
*Use gold yarn.
To begin make a magic ring/adjustable loop
Round 1: SC 6 in ring
Round 2: 2SC in each SC around (12 stitches total)
Round 3: 2SC in first SC, then SC in next SC - repeat around (18 stitches total)
Rounds 4-8: SC in each SC (18 stitches total)
Round 9: SC2Tog, SC in next stitch - repeat around (12 stitches)
Round 10: SC2tog 6 times (6 stitches total) SlSt into next stitch and tie off leaving long tail.
Finishing - with the long tail weave it through the remaining 6 stitches and pull tight, tie and weave in remaining yarn. Viola - you have your ball!

Wing (make 2):
*Use off white yarn
To begin CH2 (make sure you leave a long tail, you will use this to sew the wing to the ball), Row Row 1: 2SC in second CH from hook, CH1 Turn
Row 2: Sc in first SC, then 2SC in second SC (3 stitches total), CH1 Turn
Row 3-8: SC in each SC (3 stitches), CH1, Turn
Row9: SC in next 2 SC, CH1, turn
Row 10: SC in next 2 SC, CH1, turn
Row 11: SC in next SC, tie off, weave in tail.
Take your wings and sew them midway down your ball. Be sure to position the wing so that it points up slightly to give the look of "flight."
So many people have really enjoyed my Snitches and I hope you do too! I have found these make great Christmas gifts! Just thread a string through the top and you have an ornament perfect for any Harry Potter fan! Kitties love to bat these around the house too, espeically if you stuff a jingle bell in the ball.
Please let me know if you have any questions by sending me a private message.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

I'm back!


Wow! What a wild summer! We did our share of travel, vacation, beach, swimming, mountains, markets, garden, and had great visits with family and friends. Altogether it was an amazing summer.... 

                                                         Summer Grilling! Yum!
The biggest milestone of the summer was Ernie turning ONE!!!! He had a great party! He loves Micky Mouse so we had a Mickey themed party.

               Above is the Mickey garland I made to decorate his high chair ... turned out great


I was a total sentimental wreck before his birthday ... Staring at his newborn photos wanting to hold my tiny baby again .... Crazy huh? I think most parents probably go through something like that, but he now nearly 13 months and I'm enjoying Ernie the toddler. 
 Happy to report that we will be settling back  into the normal hum of life in our happy little hollow. . . 

I have contemplated selling my handmade items online for awhile and after a big push from several friends I have decided to give it a go! I'm quite nervous but very excited! I now have a Facebook page and an Etsy Shop. I'll post more info on those soon I promise! I'm so ready to be creatively productive and now that we are easing into Fall/Winter I think its a good time to bring out the hook! Boy have I been busy! 

                                                    Latest Baby Owl Rattle for a Friend

I also have a few more fun patterns to share with you! Yay! I promise I have returned from my summer off and I plan to be visiting the blog much more regularly. Until next time!


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Crochet Lightning Bolt Pattern

Hello there! Below is a very basic pattern for a simple Crochet Lightning Bolt Applique, Bookmark ... or whatever you can think of! I created this pattern while making items for a Harry Potter conference craft fair. I made several other items for the fair that I can't wait to share with you! Enjoy this pattern and let me know if you have any questions.

Lightning Bolt
Things You'll Need:
Yarn: Worsted Weight, I used Red Heart but I would think a sturdy cotton would work even better for the shaping.
Hook: G or 4 mm
Needle for weaving in Ends

Stitches to Know:
Single Crochet (SC)
Slip Stitch (SlSt)
Chain (CH)

To begin CH 8
Row 1: Turn and SC in second CH from hook and continue to the end, CH 1, turn
Row 2:SC in each SC (7 stitches), CH 1, turn
Row 3: SC in each SC (7 stitches), do NOT CH 1, turn
Row 4: SC in the second SC from the hook (6 stitches), CH 1, turn
Row 5: SC across (6 stitches), do NOT CH 1, turn
Row 6: SC in second SC from hook, SC across, when you reach the end CH 3, turn
Row 7: SC in the second CH from hook, SC in next CH, SC in next 3 SC (5 stitches), CH 1, turn
Row 8: SC across (5 stitches), CH 1, turn
Row 9: SC across (5 stitches), do NOT CH 1, turn
Row 10: SC in second SC from hook, SC across (4 stitches), CH 1, turn
Row 11: SC across (4 stitches) then CH 3, turn
Row 12: SC in second CH from hook. SC in next CH, then SC in the next 2 SC  (4 stitches), CH 1, turn
Row 13: SC across (4 stitches) do NOT CH 1, turn
Row 14: SC in second SC and across (3 stitches), CH 1, turn
Row 15: SC across (3 stitches), do NOT CH 1, turn
Row 16: SC in second SC from hook, SC next SC,(2 stitches) CH 1, turn
Row 17: SC in the two SC, so NOT CH 1, turn
Row 18: SC in second SC from hook leaving one SC, CH 1, turn
Row 19: SC in last SC, CH 1

To tighten up the shape of the bolt, SlSt around the whole bolt, CH 2 at each outer corner to help make more of a pointed edge.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Crochet Drawstring Pouch Pattern

I have had quite a few patterns rattling around in my head and I've decided I really need to start posting them! 

This pattern for a little drawstring pouch is pretty easy if you are familiar enough with crochet. I was inspired to make this by my friend Leisa of Mystical Hodgepodge, who thought these would sell well at an upcoming scifi/fantasy conference. This pouch is just the right size to hold gaming dice and cards but also would work in many other scenarios like;  gift bag, make-up bag, coin purse ... You get the idea! 

I had a lot of fun whipping up this pattern and plan to make about ten in varying color combos. The color scheme of the pouch pictured is for Gryffindor of the Harry Potter series.

I am still new to writing patterns so please please please message me if you get confused or have any questions! 


Small Crochet Drawstring Pouch Pattern

What You'll Need:
- Yarn: Worsted Weight, one or more colors
- Hook: H or 5mm
- Needle for weaving in ends

Things to know: 
- Each round begins by chaining the appropriate amount for the stitch in the round.
       ex. a Double Crochet round would start with a Chain 2

- the Chain in the beginning of each round does not count as a stitch, it is simply a "step-up" to begin the next round, be sure you make your first stitches in the same space as the Chain.

-  each round ends with a slip stitch into the top of the first actual stitch, NOT the chain.

- If you choose to use multiple colors I recommend using the darker color for the bottom.   I began alternating at  round 7. But it's your project so use whatever colors you like!

When I alternate colors for the stripes on my two colored pouch I simply carry the yarn up each round as pictured below:
Hardly notice the seam (it's on the inside anyway) and makes for quicker work and much fewer ends to weave in! Yuck! Who likes weaving in ends? 

The Pouch:
To begin make a Magic Ring (MR)

Round 1: Chain (CH) 2 Double Crochet (DC) 10 in MR, join with Slip Stitch (SlSt) into the top of first DC. 
Round 2: CH2 and 2DC  in the same space, 2DC in each stitch around, join with SlSt into the top of first DC. 
Round 3: CH2 and 2DC, DC, 2DC, DC, repeat around, join with SlSt into the top of first DC. 
Round 4: CH1 and 2 Single Crochet(SC), SC, SC, 2SC repeat around, join with SlSt into the top of the first SC.
Round 5: CH1 and (working in back loops only) SC,  SC in each stitch around, join with SlSt into the first SC (both loops). 
Round 6-14: CH2 and DC in each stitch around, join with SlSt into the top of first DC. 
The next round is the where you will eventually thread the drawstring.
Round 15: CH3 and Treble Crochet (TC) around, join with SlSt into the top of the first TC.
Round 16-17: CH2 and DC Around, join with SlSt into top of first DC.
Round 18: CH1 and SC around, join with SlSt into the top of first SC.
Trimming! The final round it to give the pouch just a little style, I would imagine many different borders could work here. Or maybe you prefer no "border" at all? I like this simple tiny picot border I first stumbled upon over at Attic24. Thanks again Lucy!
Round 19: CH1 and SlSt into the first 3 stitches, in the next stitch SC CH2 SC, then SlSt  into the next 3 stitches, repeat this around, join into your first SlSt.
Weave in ends and you're done with the basic pouch portion!

Row 1: CH 50, tie off (to create tassel, if you don't want a tassel then CH1 extra. And turn your work, begin next row in second chain from hook.)
Row 2: SlSt in second CH from hook and continue to the end. Tie off. 

To finish thread your drawstring through the Treble Crochet round alternating in and out of each stitch.

Viola! Done!!!

Hope you enjoy my pattern! Feedback is welcome!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Summer Lovin!

Wow! I can't believe how long it's been since I've written a post. 
Something about Summer this year has my head in the clouds. 
My family and I have been having a great time this season...
 Ernie has been growing and growing, already walking! 
I've definitely stepped back from my hook and the computer to focus on him and enjoy his babyhood.


I suppose my Summer started during "late spring" but whose paying attention really? 
My Mother came for a visit and was able to spend some real quality time with Ernie (and Me!).
The three of us took a wonderful trip to Hendersonville, NC where we have a family cabin. The trip was really great until .... we all got sick! We ended up cutting our trip a week short and went back home to recuperate. A sad turn of events, but I'm choosing to remember the happy times we did have! 
I love seeing and spending time with my Mom! 
Sunrise through the pines. The view outside our cabin. 
Pitcher Plants outside our cabin. Love them every spring!
My Parents got their Marriage license here. 
Beautiful Downtown Hendersonville. I would love the call this town home permanently.

The Black Bear is the kind of mascot for Hendersonville. 

After my Mother went back to Florida it was time for a family vacation! Just Me, my husband and Ernie. This is the first REAL vacation we have ever had as a family. It was GREAT! We decided to visit a place neither of us had ever been - Charleston, South Carolina. What a great town! I really loved it. So much history and great places to eat! Not to mention BEACHES! A must ingredient for a Floridian on vacation. Ernie got his first taste of ocean and sand at the beach!
 As a Florida girl I was so happy to share that with him. We even "built" a small dribble sand castle.
 I can't wait to go back. . . I miss it already! This may become our summer vacation "spot."

Moving along ... the second weekend in June our town hosts the Seedtime on the Cumberland Festival. Typically I have a craft booth where I sell my crocheted toys and various other handmade items. 
This was the first year I didn't have a booth.
 It was hard, but also pretty nice because I was able to relax and enjoy my time at the festival. 
Taking a break at the local pub!
Lots of great old-time(american) and bluegrass performers!
_ --_
We have, of course, been up to many other things ... swimming and visiting neighboring towns.
 However, sometimes you just need to put the camera down and enjoy the day as it is. . . 
Hope you all are having a glorious summer!
I am working on some new patterns ... I PROMISE! 
I will post as soon as Ernie lets me... ;)

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sunny Days

What a wonderful month April has been! I was able to kick sugar for my 30 day challenge and only have it occasionally now. I mean, it's hard to resist the donuts at our local bakery and I have also realized since giving up sugar that baking is a stress reliever for me, so I have really missed making my treats in the kitchen. Still, I have lost 14 pounds since mid-March and I am sooooo HAPPY about it! 
I have 15 more to go to be at my "ideal" weight.
  Sounds crazy right? Well, I'm going to try to reach that goal by the end of the summer ... wish me luck!

Anyway, the sun has been shining and the flowers have been blooming. Ernie and I are out and about walking almost everyday soaking up the sun and taking in the beauty of the mountains of Southeast Kentucky in Springtime. Spring is so fleeting. Even as I was uploading these photos today for the blog I realized most of these flower have already nodded off for the season ... 

I absolutely LOVE these little Violets ... they definitely were one of my very favorite Spring flowers this year! 

Oooo Spring! You have done what you were meant to do ... rejuvenitate. 
I have felt so great getting out and walking and sweating under a bright blue sky.
I hope you enjoyed some of the colors of the season in this post!