Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Early Spring

March is a very busy month for my family! We celebrated my husbands birthday and have been traveling here and here for various work conferences of his. It's been very fun to get out of town and see new places. Ernie is learning to travel!

For my husbands birthday I usually bake him something extra special. His favorite desert is usually a Chocolate Pecan Pie. Well, he has probably eaten dozens of those in his life so I decided I wanted to make him something extra special! I am a fairly frequent "Pinner" on Pinterest and a few months ago I stumbled upon the Pecan Pie Cake recipe from the fantastic food blog Sweet Jeanette.

Well, I rolled up my sleeves and gave it a go! 

It turned out WONDERFULLY! 
This recipe is so well constructed ... I highly recommend it! The cake was so fantastic  It's our new favorite! 

I also have been crafting away as usual this month! I have a relative who has been going through a lot of medical problems. She has understandably been feeling down and decided to create a wall of positivity. 
 I'm calling it a "Happy Thoughts" wall. I think this is such a great idea! I decided to make her something special to brighten up her new happy space. 

Mini Bunting!!!
 This was such a sweet little project I fell in love with my little triangles  I plan on making more! In fact, I plan on posting a tutorial about it as soon as I find the time! Hopefully but the end of the week!

 The Teeny Tiny Flower pattern is not my own, I found it on Lucy's Blog of course! Attic 24.

Spring is here! It's still a little chilly but it has been so nice to walk outside with Ernie. I love strolling down our little hollow. When the sun is out it's beyond gorgeous. 
Buds from the Tulip Magnolia
Even the bare trees look pretty against the brightness of the blue sky.
 It helps me not miss my sunny home of Florida as much ... 
Due to all the rain/snow we have had lately the little stream through our hollow has been bubbling and gurgling louder than ever! Ernie loves to watch the water as we walk by... 
 It's so wonderful to see all the green sprouts, daffodils and teeny tiny flower of spring growing along the side.

Early spring is an exciting time! 
After all the browns and grays of winter we now get splashed of color in the most unlikely places! 
What a wonderful month March has been so far ... 

Monday, March 11, 2013

Crochet Spring Flower Garland Pattern

I love seasonal garlands. It was hard to take down my Valentine Hearts, but with Spring right around the corner I just had to create a new flowery garland. Hope you all enjoy this pattern! Feel free to message me with any questions. 

Materials Needed:
Yarn: Worsted Weight, assorted colors
Hook: I/5.50 mm 
Darning Needle

Stitches and Techniques:
Magic/Adjustable Ring
SC - Single Crochet
HDC - Half Double Crochet
DC - Double Crochet
Slip Stitch

Good to know

  • The number of flowers you make will depend on how long you would like your garland to be ... I made 8 flowers.
  • After you have made your flowers, weave in ends and block to help shape them. A light press is helpful too. 


Begin with Magic Circle/Adjustable Ring using Yellow yarn.
Round 1: Chain 2 then crochet DC 11 times in ring, a total of 12 stitches.  Pull the ring tight, then slip stitch into the top of chain 2. Tie off.

Round 2: Switch to color for petals. 

Anchor the new color with a SC ...

Then in same stitch Chain 6, SC, *Chain 1, Skip next stitch, then in next stitch SC, Chain 6, SC*

 Repeat around until you have 6 loops for petals. Chain 1 and Slip Stitch into the first SC made


Round 3: You will be making the petals by working out of each Chain 6 loop. Each flower petal will be the same as the first one. So, here we go!

*SC, HDC, HDC, DC, DC, DC, Chain 2, DC, DC, DC, HDC, HDC, SC* 

Now repeat in each of the next 5 loops. Slip stitch in first SC, tie off, and weave in ends!

Viola! Pretty!

To Create Garland:
Using Green, chain 25, *Slip Stitch in the top of one of the Chain 2 of one of the petals, Chain 15* repeat** until you have attached your last flower and then chain 25, tie off and you are done! Hang and LOOOOVE!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ravelry "Attic24" Inspired Swap

YAY! The Attic24 inspired "Small Pleasures" swap is officially complete! 
My partner and I have both received our well traveled packages so I am now free to share with you all.
I had a great time with the theme of this swap package. I don't really do many swaps, but since I just love Lucy's blog I knew I could not resist. It was so much fun getting to now my English partner and I hope to continue our new friendship now that we are bonded by yarn creativity! 

First I'm going to show you what I put together for her, then share what she sent for me. 

I have always really admired the wreaths Lucy creates and I just LOVE her flowers, so I decided to make Mel a little spring wreath. I loved this little beauty very much, and to be honest it was very hard to part with! Then again, I am learning that this is the best qualification for a job well done!

 I decided to follow Lucy's lead with her May Roses Wreath and just attach them with pretty pins - worked like a charm! And much less messy than trying to sew all the flowers and leaves on!

 Hanging on my wall ... I will definitely need to make one for myself!

My other handmade item was this little flower candle holder. I love this pretty little thing! 

Mel loves tea ... I couldn't resist this teacup from our local antique shop!

 A quilt square pin made by Kentucky artisans...
A Sweet Little Appalachian Doll

 I also included the fun dish towel, a little notebook, and some lovely blue chunky blended yarn. I hope she loved her package, it was truly a pleasure to assemble! 


Now, the package Mel sent me was soooo wonderful! It really made my day when I opened it! 
So exciting to receive a package from overseas!

 Her Package included two vintage patterns (really love the shawl pattern!), a skein of yarn, lovely note card set, a pretty card,  handmade items, and the pretty check fabric. 
Baby Ernie has LOVED playing with the fabric!
 OOOH! I do LOVE the little handmade items! The very sweet framed tiny flower, a Mellie Moo Crochet Owl, one of Lucy's Triple Layer Flowers as a broad AND...................................... My very favorite thing in the entire package - a little Doctor!!!! Doctor #4 to be exact ... played by Tom  Baker. 
He is one of my favorite Doctors! I was sooo happy to find him in my box! I will treasure him always! 
Thank you so much Mel!
So inspiring!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Wintry Day

 When I went to be last night I was determined to be grumpy about the incoming weather. All reports said it would be cold and we could expect snow. "Enough!" I thought. It's time to be warm and feel sunshine. . . However, when I woke up this morning and looked out my window it was too beautiful to be upset. Ernie wriggled around in the bed while my husband and I attempted to get a little more sleep. Finally, I just accepted that it was time to wake up and watched as the blue light of the snowy morning slowly got brighter and brighter.
  The daffs are tough! My hope is they will recover from the days of snow behind and ahead of us and that we will still have some pretty spring flowers! Again, trying to not be grumpy!
As soon as Ernie went down for his morning nap I decided it was time for me to get some playtime in the snow! First time all season I really went for it. I put my snow boots on and started crunching around the hollow.

Everything was so beautiful. It was absoutley still, so all the branches were dressed in layer of white powder.

Winter Sky

A very silly little snowman. This was my first attempt at a snowman since I was probably about 5 years old. He was extraordinarily short and had no arms. Making a snowman is hard! And I was alone. 
Snowman building is definitely a two person operation. Still, it was fun! 

I found a piece of glass in the stream with tiny ice crystals in the shape of leaf. Very pretty and mostly likely metled away by now ... 

I have been trying all season to get some a shot of a cardinal in the snow! I finally did! These aren't the best, but I am so happy! We were lucky to be visited by a pair, male and female.

The male is the more red and "prettier" of the two. Figures.


The red is just so striking against the paleness of winter.

On another note I have finished weaving in all my ends for my granny blanket. I have joined all my squares and  am now working on  the border. Hope to show you the finished product soon! 

I also wanted to share with you a couple fun finds from our local antique shop.
 When I saw this embroidered wall hanging I couldn't leave without it! I am very much in love with it.
 I've trying to find the perfect spot to hang it in my home ... finding  a "baby proof" place is the challenge!

The embordiery work is really beautiful!
I also couldn't  leave without this sweet little cloth bird ... plus Ernie loved it so much he played with it all the way home! <3

The day has been spent at home enjoying the gentle snow, hot coffee, and hot soup. 
Life is good today!