Sunday, February 24, 2013

Daleks, Daffodils, and Grannys

Happy Sunday!
I recently made this little Dalek ... I got the basic pattern from Elle Skene on Ravelry. The original pattern was made as an Egg Cozy. A very cute idea, especially with Easter coming up. However, I really couldn't think of any reason I would need an Egg cozy so I went ahead and just made a stuffed version. 
Project Notes:
Hook: 4.00 mm/G
Yarn: Worsted Wieght Acrylic

My Alternations:
-First I changed this pattern up a little by increasing the black row at the bottom once more ... so it went: *2SC, SC, SC, SC, SC* all the way around. In the next round I crocheted only in the front loops. I then made a base by creating a flat circle. Starting with 6 SC in a magic ring and increased by one 5 times. I then stuffed the Dalek ... not too tightly though because I wanted it to sit flat and stand up. After simply attatch the flat circle to the bottom by using a whip stitch and you're done!
- I added the little "ears" by simply chaining 4, then slip stitching in the second chain from hook down. Sew to top of head. 
-I also added the little "eye" piece at the end of the scope. I did this by SC4 in a Magic ring. I then tied a blue knot and sewed it to the center when I attached the black piece to the grey. 

I looooove this little Dalek! I can't wait to make more. I want to make one for all my Whovian friends ... if only time would allow!

The hills are on the verge of being covered in blossoms!!! I can't wait! I will be taking many many photos of the flowers this year! Silly how exciting I am! 
  Here is our first Daffodil of the season! Yay!

I have also returned to working on my Summer Garden Granny Square Throw blanket.... 
It has been put away for quite some time while I focused on some other projects but I have decided I want to finish this piece sooner than later. 
I've been feeling a little down this winter and some serious "color therapy." So far this is really helping! 

So many wild colors!

Stacks of Squares!!!

I have decided to mix the blanket up a bit by added a few large squares randomly throughout ... here are the four I have made so far. I just love staring at them!

I still have quite a few more squares to go. So far I have 34/75 Small Squares and 4/5 Large Squares ... then I have to weave in ends, block them, sew them together AND create a border.

Lots and lots to do! Wish me luck!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Just Hanging Around

 Well, today is just another day in our little Hermitage. Ernie and I are spending the day indoors despite how beautiful it is outside ... it's still just a bit to chilly to take Ernie on any long walks.  He has also been busy working on cutting his two top teeth ... He isn't the happiest of babies right now. As you can see the daffodils outside our home are on the verge of blooming! So very early in the season, but I can't wait! I love bulb flowers! As a Floridian it is still a great treat to see them bloom in the "wild." Growing up you could buy a potted plant that would never live very long and of course cut flower at the shop. I just love all the tulips and daffodils this time of year!
  So nice to see some color!
 I have finished my other two Ewoks! 
I am happy to say they are both unique and lovable ... can't wait to send them to their new homes! 
I managed to somehow whip up these boot cuffs last night after Ernie went to sleep! I made them for a friend, I hope she loves them!
My favorite flowers are Fuchsias  I can't wait to get some plants this year! I hope to have a few of them on our porch if possible ... they always attract humming birds ... which never fail to be magical when you spot one!
 I'm not completely in love with this design ... going to keep tweaking a bit!
Here is little Ernie, playing on his new rug that his Daddy bought for him! He loves it! 

That's all for today, I have some Rosemary Salt bread in the oven that needs to come out. It smells delicious!


Tuesday, February 19, 2013


So excited! Mailing out my first international swap today! I can't wait until my swap partner Mel, from Mellie Moo Crochet, receives her package! It was really fun to put together and I have lots of photos to share with you once she receives it .... I don't want to spoil any of the fun for her early ... But it's hard!

Have a great day everyone!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Happy Valentines Day!

We are having a wonderful Valentines Day in my little family! I spent the day shopping with my sweet little Cherub Ernie. He was a good sport! I have to say if it weren't for wearing my baby I don't know what I would do! I dread the day he is too big to carry ... Sigh. Anyway, today is filled with smiles and happy thoughts! This evening when my husband gets home from work we plan to take Ernie swimming in the pool for the first time. It's indoor so it should be a perfect temperature ... So excited! I hope to take him to the beach this summer!

Last year on Valentines Day my husband and we found out we were having a boy! It was so exciting! We celebrated by buying diapers and a onesie. We were so excited! This year we are just as happy. We never do a big gift exchange, usually just a nice dinner at home ... We try to keep it simple and not expensive. This year I made us a special treat, some Cake Batter Confetti Cookies. I found the recipe on Pinterest, but the blog it originated from is called Sally's Baking Addiction ... All her recipes look fun!

The cake batter mixes up oddly. It's almost squishy and not too sticky. 
I really liked the fact that you didn't need to add any butter or sugar to it.

I used little heart sprinkles in honor if the holiday! Also, I only used half the amount of sprinkles the recipe called for and the cookies were still very tasty and colorful!

I left my cookies in the oven for ten minutes and let them cool almost completely before I took them off the cookie sheet. They turned out perfectly! A little chewy ... A little crunchy (from the sprinkles). It was a wonderful recipe and I thank Sally for it!

This plate of happy is almost all gone now ... Mmmm ... Cookies!

I hope you all have a wonderful day! No matter what be sure to treat yourself to something sweet!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Green & Blue Day

Today I woke up to a beautiful sunrise coming over the mountain. The sky was a bluish grey streaked with pinkish orange clouds. My baby was cuddled next to me, patting my face with his warm sweet soft hands. I thought of getting out of bed to find my camera to take some photos but I decided just gently soaking up the sunrise, thinking happy thoughts, and hearing my baby babble "mooommmama" was worth staying in bed for. What a beautiful memory, even now at the end of the day when all is quiet and dark.

Today really felt like spring... The sky was sooo blue and the grass was sooo green! It was inspiring to get out of the house, so Ernie and rambled a little. I enjoyed a trip into town, where I found some fun surprises to put in a crochet group swap I'm participating in ... I can't wait to show you all what I'm making and gathered up for it! It should be a great one! It's inspired by Lucy@Attic24 so it's a colorful one! :)

Anyway, below are a few photos from today's ramblings... I hope you enjoy the blues and greens as much as I did!

Hard to believe this little Gnome was under snow last week and is now peering at us through the grass!

The daffodils will be blooming soon!

I was so happy to see the sunshine today! Sooo excited for spring and warmer weather! There is still so much to show Ernie ... I can't wait!

Till next time ....

Ps- I did managed to stay away from the TV for my final two days! :)

Friday, February 8, 2013

NO TV :: DAY 5

DAY 5: Another day of no television ... Had a very fussy baby keeping me very busy ... After a day like today I just want to settle in and watch an episode or two of Doctor Who ... Still sticking with my regiment though and settling in with my hook and a very interesting audiobook. Till tomorrow!


Thursday, February 7, 2013

NO TV :: DAY 4

All is well! No television watching for this girl ... Not much to say tonight, but just checking in as part of my TV Rehab. :)

For now I'm leaving the dishes until the morning and spending a little hooky time with the Ewoks ...


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

NO TV :: DAY 3

DAY 3:  This will have to be another quick little post today, as I have a very needy teething Baby. I think he is working on his top teeth ... His two bottom teeth came in before he was even 6 months old! What can I say, he's going to be toothy!

Anyway, this is my third day of no TV  and it passed rather uneventfully with no caving. I must say that Ernie has a lot to do with keeping me busy ... I didn't have time for many ramblings! I hope to get out for a walk tomorrow if the weather is nice. On my way to the mailbox this afternoon I noticed a little green coming up in our herb box and couldn't believe what I saw ...
The chives have sprouted! 

I'm a little worried that with the weather being how it's been we won't have a proper spring this year but who knows ... maybe it's just around corner!

I did get something crafty accomplished today! I made a little progress some more Ewoks. They don't look like much now but the most tedious part of the process is over and now comes the fun! I can't wait to bring these guys to life! I think each one will have his own little personality. :)

As usual I have a very long "To Do" list in the craft sphere and very little time to get all my projects done.
 Still, I have a little show and tell of something I DID finish...
I'm modeling a hat here that I made for a friend. 

It's a lovely pattern from Posh Patterns, called a Faux Cable Beanie. I made one for my son too! 

Well, that about does it for this evening. I'm off to care for my baby and then probably get some rest myself. 

Three days down, four to go! I can do it!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


DAY 2: Woohoo! Another day of no TV! Baby snuggles and errands were what my day consisted of! Folding laundry, organizing, planning crochet project timelines ... A nice I uneventful day.

I did see this today ... This describes a perfect gift for any occasion when I am concerned!

Monday, February 4, 2013

NO TV :: DAY 1

DAY 1:  So far so good with the NO TV adventure. It was hard not to sit down this morning with my hot cup of coffee and put on a nice mystery ... but I resisted! YAY!

We had a nice little snow over the weekend ... perfect for snow balls! I didn't through any snowballs myself, Ernie is still a bit to small to really drag around in the snow and enjoy it, but I was able to step outside and snap a few photo and crunch around in the accumulation ...
Hey, there's a little Gnome crawling through the snow! 

Our little herb garden is hibernating!

So my husband and I mixed up some dough this morning  before he left for work ... 

Few things are better than fresh baked bread!

YUM! Such a delicious simple little meal ... 

So anyway, what did I do today instead of TV? The usual really ... I cleaned, I made bread, I cared for Ernie. Still, I feel good not resorting to zombie couch time. I didn't get much crochet done though, and I am running a little behind schedule for a couple projects so hopefully I can get some of that done tomorrow!

Day one down ... six more to go! 

Crochet Valentines!

We are just a few days away from Valentines Day so I thought I would share some of my  lovey merriment! 

My Mother gave me a German Feather Tree when my Husband and I got married and I absolutely love! The Feather Trees are really neat because they were originally created as the first artificial Christmas tree, as an alternative solution to deforestation.  I keep this little tree out year round and decorate it with the seasons or holidays. This month I couldn't resist making a few tiny crochet hearts to adorn it with!

It was so much fun to make these quick little sweet hearts! 
I decided that we just couldn't survive the month of February without a Heart Garland! So... here it is!

There are sooo many heart patterns out there, and most of them are pretty much the same, except for a few minor stitch differences but MY favorite heart pattern is from Skip to My Lou
I highly recommend checking that pattern out if you fancy my hearts!  

After having such a good time creating all these hearts I just couldn't stop! After a little inspiration from Lucy@Attic24 (no surprise there!), I decided I wanted to make Valentines for some of friends and family this year. Of course, I didn't have time to make as many as I had originally planned for, but I really love how the few I made turned out! What do you think?

This, of course, is my FAVORITE one ... very hard to part with this one ... but it's going to a very a good home! wooshing all the way there I'm sure! 
Well, I hope you enjoyed my little Valentine post! 
I'm looking forward to spending February 14th with my two favorite guys!

May your Valentine's Day be filled with love! <3