Sunday, February 24, 2013

Daleks, Daffodils, and Grannys

Happy Sunday!
I recently made this little Dalek ... I got the basic pattern from Elle Skene on Ravelry. The original pattern was made as an Egg Cozy. A very cute idea, especially with Easter coming up. However, I really couldn't think of any reason I would need an Egg cozy so I went ahead and just made a stuffed version. 
Project Notes:
Hook: 4.00 mm/G
Yarn: Worsted Wieght Acrylic

My Alternations:
-First I changed this pattern up a little by increasing the black row at the bottom once more ... so it went: *2SC, SC, SC, SC, SC* all the way around. In the next round I crocheted only in the front loops. I then made a base by creating a flat circle. Starting with 6 SC in a magic ring and increased by one 5 times. I then stuffed the Dalek ... not too tightly though because I wanted it to sit flat and stand up. After simply attatch the flat circle to the bottom by using a whip stitch and you're done!
- I added the little "ears" by simply chaining 4, then slip stitching in the second chain from hook down. Sew to top of head. 
-I also added the little "eye" piece at the end of the scope. I did this by SC4 in a Magic ring. I then tied a blue knot and sewed it to the center when I attached the black piece to the grey. 

I looooove this little Dalek! I can't wait to make more. I want to make one for all my Whovian friends ... if only time would allow!

The hills are on the verge of being covered in blossoms!!! I can't wait! I will be taking many many photos of the flowers this year! Silly how exciting I am! 
  Here is our first Daffodil of the season! Yay!

I have also returned to working on my Summer Garden Granny Square Throw blanket.... 
It has been put away for quite some time while I focused on some other projects but I have decided I want to finish this piece sooner than later. 
I've been feeling a little down this winter and some serious "color therapy." So far this is really helping! 

So many wild colors!

Stacks of Squares!!!

I have decided to mix the blanket up a bit by added a few large squares randomly throughout ... here are the four I have made so far. I just love staring at them!

I still have quite a few more squares to go. So far I have 34/75 Small Squares and 4/5 Large Squares ... then I have to weave in ends, block them, sew them together AND create a border.

Lots and lots to do! Wish me luck!

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