A Hermit's Wish

This poem was written by my grandfather, Reverend Alfred Brooks Rollins or "Doc." 
Doc was a Unitarian Minister, opening the very first Unitarian Church in Miami Fla, in the 1940's. He loved to play the organ, tell tales, read aloud, meet new folks, and help others. Doc was lucky enough to get his wish - and he loved his small cottage in the woods where he lived with his family until he passed away. His favorite hobby was letter writing and he had pen pals of every ilk all over the country. Part of his letter writing usually included his poetry. He must have written thousands of poems in his lifetime and would usually include them in the letters he wrote. I always admired his passion for letter writing and hearing the sound of the keys clacking on his typewriter. As a child thought his poetry was the best. Admittedly, now I know not every poem was dynamite but "A Hermit's Wish" has always been my all time favorite. I identify with the "Hermit," as I think most of us can in some way or another. Right now I am living in the very back of a beautiful hollow in Kentucky, surrounded by modest mountains, trees and wildlife. I have a few too many neighbors to be as secluded I was would like, but I feel this is the closet to achieving "A Hermit's Wish" I have ever been and I'm happy. 


  1. I feel as though I know your grandfather even though we have never met. I believe we may be old souls whose spirits share common interests. I also have written and shared poetry and would love to write more letters but have been so busy in life have not. We are sorta secluded in the Pennsylvania mountains and I also like it this way and so you see I am grateful for you sharing your grandfathers poem.

  2. Thank you for sharing your grandfather's poem. I'm in the process of moving from a big house to a tiny one and need to keep it in sight, so I remember to take less with me. My donation pile gets larger everyday. So glad you're happy!


Remember, be kind!