Monday, July 16, 2012

Neat Ripple Scarf Joy!

I have started the Ripple!

After I finished the Granny Stripe Baby Blanket for Ernie, I decided that I wanted to do something for myself ... something that I probably wouldn't have much time for when he gets here. . .

I have been eyeing Lucy's Neat Ripple Pattern for awhile now so wanted to give it a try. I didn't really want to start another blanket ... and I wanted to make myself a new scarf soooo .... I decided to give the ripple pattern a whirl in scarf form! I just started it! I really love the easy to follow pattern that made learning this super easy and fun! I'm hoping to finish this soon! I still need to figure out what type of border to put around this when I'm done ... 

Project Name: Neat Ripple Scarf
Project Started: June 26, 2012

Yarn: Cascade Sport 100% Wool  
(I purchased from Yarns to Dye For)
Hook Size: Susan Bates Bamboo Handle US G6/4.00mm

Off I go!

Hookin' in the Studio! 
I volunteer at WMMT FM ... our community radio station. 
The best radio station in the whole wide world! 

Check out the facebook page for my show, Indie Jones and the Temple of BOOM!!


I have finished the Neat Ripple Scarf!!!

I finished this wonderful scarf July 14, 2012 ... It really wasn't hard I just had several other projects going on and would pick it up here and there when I could. I really made a great on the go project.

It's a nice length and it will stretch more over time ... I enjoyed this yarn, I would definitely use it again. 
Not to mention the beautiful colors! Yummy! Such a pleasure to work with ...

I think the best part of this project was mastering the dc2tog/double crochet 2 together stitch (US terms). Lucy really walked me through it step by step with her wonderful tutorial and after repeating it over and over again with the project, I've got it down! Sooo happy! I see more ripples in my future ...

Malu keeps me company!! Whether I want it or not ... It's funny though, both our cats absolutely LOVE wool. Either one of them try to find ways to make themselves comfortable on whatever wool project I'm working on. Little furry devils. 


Baby Ernie is due August 5, 2012 .... I just CAN'T wait! 
I already love him ...

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