Friday, September 7, 2012

Fun Fall Fingerless Gloves!

Well, it's been awhile since I have been able to post. Ernie keeps me pretty busy most days and I try to use the precious time when he sleeps to maintain the house. I must say that it has been really great to use the time when he is nursing to crochet. It's such a relaxing therapeutic activity ... to create things. I find it keeps me happy .... I need the constructiveness of it.  I honestly have forgotten what life was like before I discovered this hobby. Seems like it must have been rather dull! 

Anyway, as Fall is quickly approaching I decided to make some fun accessories... The fingerless gloves seemed perfect! I have heard many folks say that they find these gloves pointless, as they leave your fingers cold, but I think they are perfect for people who need to actually use their fingers when it's a bit chilly. They cover the wrist which actually ends up keeping you quite warm anyway. I figured that with Ernie being so small this season I will need to use my hands a lot. Anyway, I absolutely LOVE how these turned out. 

I got the basic idea from Lucy at Attic 24 ... she called them Wrist Warmers. From Lucy's instructions I kept the edging, basic concept of crocheting in rows and sewing up the edge to finish. I also used her pattern for the little flower establishments. I varied from her pattern though in that I made mine a bit more fitted around the wrist. . . I decreased by 2 for a couple rows near my wrist. This is a much snugger fit - the other way was a bit boxy for me but I guess it helps to accommodate for watches and bracelets ... which I don't wear. 

Here is the basic pattern for making these:
- Chain as many as needed to fit snug around your wrist or forearm. Yarn and hook size don't matter here ... as long as you are happy with the tightness/looseness of the stitches. I find some give is good! 
- Then work in rows back and forth until you have the length desired. The Half Double Crochet stitch is what  most people like to use. Remember if you want a more fitted glove you may want to decrease for a few rows  right where your wrist meets your hand. Just don't forget to increase again for the part that cover your hand! (I only decreased 2 times for mine).
- Sew up the sides - but don't forget the thumb!
- About and inch/inch and half down  is a good measurement for the thumb, but as everyone's hand is different this could be different for you. :)
- Viola! Embellish as desired ... *
I suppose this isn't a real pattern ... Lucy probably explains it better on her site. 
*These can be one solid color or striped - your call! 

I'm still new at writing out patterns or giving instructions and with Little Ernie always on the verge of waking it makes for a stressful learning process. That being said - if you have any questions on how to make these I would be happy to answer them as best as I can! Good luck if you try them! :)

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