Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Final Days of Fall and Baby Pumpkin Beanie

Wow, I can't believe how much blogging I have been able to do today! Ernie is FINALLY napping - so I am taking advantage of some much needed "Me" time. Fall was a little bizarre this year. Surprisingly hot. But the leaves were BRILLIANT! I wish that I had taken more photos, but October was a pretty busy month for me and my family - trips + visitors + Ernie getting his first cold and starting to teeth = not much time for leisurely walk and blogs. I was however able to take a stroll down our holler while my Mother-in-Law came for a visit and snap a few photos. She was pushing Ernie for me of course, I am really lucky to have such a great Mother-In-Law - she is really the best! Anyway, below are a few pics of fall colors, plus a little seasonal crochet project. Enjoy!
Last few blossoms of the season ... so lovely.

Maples are my favorite!
Our Japanese Maple is on FIRE!!! Love it!


This Little Pumpkin Beanie was super super easy to make! I kept searching and searching for a pumpkin beanie and I just didn't care for any of them, so I just sort of guessed at what to do and I really like the way It tuned out! What is also great about this hat pattern is that  it could also be used to make an apple beanie.
- Worsted Wieght Yarn in Green and Orange
- Size H or I Hook
- Darning Needle
-Stitch Marker

- Magic Ring
- SC = Single Crochet
- How to work in the round - this means no Slip Stitch and Step up at the end of the round - you just keep going - you know your place because you use a stitch marker after your first round of SC and keep using it until you are done. 

First start with stem and then work in the round.  
Here's what I did.

Stem: Using Green Yarn and size H Hook, 
Make Magic Ring and crochet 6SC in ring.
Continue in the round until you have the length you want. 
(use a stitch marker so you know where your round starts/ends)
Once you have the length desired just increase by one each round. Soooo...
SC 2 in each SC for the first round off the stem =  12 stitches.
Next round, SC in SC, SC2 in SC ... repeat around.
Next round, SC in SC, SC in SC, SC2 in SC ...repeat around.
Next round, SC in SC, SC in SC, SC in SC, SC2 in SC
So on and so forth.
Continue with green until you are ready to switch colors.
When you switch to orange, use size I Hook
keep continuing increasing with the orange until you have the right size to fit your baby or child or maybe yourself? I just kept putting it on my baby's head! ;)
After you have achieved the right width, just keep crocheting 1SC in each SC with no increases until you have the right length. Then slip stitch and tie off  and weave in ends! 

You could easily add ear flaps to this, or a decorative little edging. I made this for my son so I kept it simple. 
I think the leaf makes it even sweeter! 
I know this isn't a true pattern, so please message me or comment if you need help!

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  1. Adorable hat! I'm crazy about pumpkin hats. Thanks for sharing the excellent leaf pictures. Our leafs were changing and then we got some strong winds and they all blew away! :-( I love the little glimpses of Ernie. Btw, I'm glad your back, I was wondering how you were doing.


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