Monday, June 25, 2012

Granny Stripe Blanket!

Baby Blanket Success! 

I started this baby blanket awhile back and  FINALLY finished it today! It's not that I crochet slowly, but I just kept getting distracted by other projects. It didn't take long to get it done once I really sat down and concentrated on it. This was my very FIRST blanket of any kind. I made it for Little Ernie - I can already see him all wrapped up in ... yay! 

Anyway, this blanket is not without it's flaws ... slightly wonky due to an extra DC Cluster that I made fairly early on and didn't catch until it was much to late to fix ... at least for a novice like myself! 
I still love the way it turned out! 

See my little mistake? 

I wasn't sure if I would enjoy making a blanket ... I normally prefer smaller projects, but I must say that I am hooked! I plan on making more mini-blankets and hopefully a BIG one when I have the nerve to buy the amount of yarn that would be necessary for a larger project ... I used Red Heart Soft %100 Acrylic Yarn for this project ... I'm actually surprised at how much I liked using this yarn ... unlike most Red Heart Products it really is soft and has a nice luster to it ... I would definitely use it again for any project. There are few options for yarn purchasing in my little town and even the Red Heart Soft I bought at Michael's when I was in a big city. I have a hard time buying yarn that I haven't touched ... What I would do for a local fiber shop ... oh well!  

I found the "Granny Stripe Pattern" on my favorite crochet blog Attic24 ... Check it out if you have the time!  Lucy has a lot of great patterns and some with even step by step photo tutorials that just about anyone can follow. Considering I am completely self taught, I have had to to learn everything from internet resources - sad there are no hooky friends where I live! 

Now, I'm trying to figure out what project to start next ... hmmmm ... 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Beautiful Week

This past week was pretty exciting for a hermitish preggo like myself. I was able to get almost everything ready for Little E's room - his impending arrival is getting me all riled up and excited! The "nesting" instinct has finally hit me! Yay!
I was able to sort through all of his wonderful little tiny clothes, towels, socks, blankets and toys. I spent a whole day washing and folding and sorting and organizing his sweet little room. It's still a work in progress, and I'm sure that as soon as he arrives everything will get turned over and be completely different! Oh well!
It was really insanely fun for me!

I really love the new house we moved into last May ... We are still just renters, but I don't think we could have found a sweeter little place to live. My husband and I like to refer to our neighborhood as the "Enchanted Holler" or hollow for you non-Appalachian folks. There are houses of all types scattered up and down holler on a twisty turning road with a stream running alongside it. Every home has some unique feature but almost all of them have flowers and/or a garden. I just love taking walks here (well, back when I COULD) and even the drive is so nice. We also have quite a bit of wildlife back in our enchanted holler - birds (who love our feeders), bunnies, chipmunks, foxes and have even heard rumors of Elk up in the mountains. It's peaceful and quiet and everything I could ask for! 

Herbs & Flowers

Flowering Dill
Flowering Cilantro
It seems all our herbs are flowering at once! My husband built us this fantastic herb garden, but we just couldn't use them up fast enough ... Still, it makes for great smells every time you walk out the door!
Flowering Chive
Flowering Basil

We have a huge bed of tiger lilies ... which I am beyond in love with. I had no idea what they were until they started blooming ... quite honestly I thought they were just a patch of weeds the lawn guy didn't feel like cutting ... and they weren't very attractive ... until - THE BLOOMS! Totally worth having in your yard and and are big bright beautiful flowers. It drives me crazy they can live for longer than a day once cut, but I still love to see them outside our window. The whole Holler has these little guys along side homes and some just growing wild! I love it! 

Tiger Lilies

 We also have these great little rail straddling planters on our front porch. I just love these colorful little flowers and I was able to use some of my pin wheels!
Fuchsia Flowering 

I picked out this plant for no other reason than I thought it looked unusual and I loved that it was covered in blooms at the time... little did I know that it would keep blooming AND attract one of the coolest birds ever! Humming Birds can't seem to get enough of the Fuchsia! Still trying to snap a pic of the little guys ... 

Final Ramblings ...

This week was filled a few other little delights. . . I finally checked out my local community pool with a friend of mine and really loved it ... I plan on whaling around in the water a few more times this summer before Little E is on the scene!

I also was able to do some entertaining this week (A BIG DEAL FOR ME) and was able to try out a new recipe! I put together a little luncheon for my husband and another couple we are friends with. It took me all morning to prepare everything - but everything was pretty yummy so I think they all enjoyed it! It was short and sweet since everyone had to get to work, but it made me feel great to entertain and give friends some yummies in the middle of their day. 

For lunch I prepared lemon fusilli with arugula, tomato and broccoli and a salad of mix greens with empire apples, cucumber and gorgonzola cheese. It was light and refreshing! But the exciting part of the meal was dessert - I made Strawberry Mini-Pizzas for the first time! Check out my recipe

Well that about does it for today! I'm in need of a nap and am still trudging away on Little E's baby blanket ... My goal is to finish this sucker this upcoming week! I have other things on my crafty list!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Of Blogs and Babes

I am new to the world of "blogging." Well not entirely. I enjoy reading blogs, mostly craft related or published by my friends about their lives.  But this is the first attempt at writing a blog of my own. Those of you who read this don't expect to find perfect grammar or spelling. I just want this to be entertaining a fun.  My hope is to use this blog to share the experiences of being a new parent, my somewhat bungled attempts at domesticity and adventures in crafting.

Well, my baby is due in about 7 weeks and I honestly can’t wait! I feel humongous and have absolutely zero energy. It feels funny to complain about that… being tired all the time. Whenever I say to someone “I’m so exhausted I can barely move,” part of me always expects them to reply with, “wait until the baby gets here!” Sometimes they do say that, sometimes they are just sympathetic. In the back of my mind I always think, even if I am tired from new baby care it can’t be worse than the bone aching energy sucking fatigue I have felt during pregnancy. I mean seriously? This is ridiculous. I have maybe 3 hours of somewhat productive energy a day in between bouts of heartburn … There is no way I will feel that helpless for the first few months of baby’s life … I HOPE.

The thing is I don’t really know what to expect when the baby gets here. Everyone has some horror story or another, always involving some bodily function. “Just wait until he pees on you,” “be sure to keep your mouth closed when you change him,” “watch out for projectile poop” and “sleep now because you won’t once the baby comes.” The problem with all of that is that none of it is really helpful, and just causes a sort of anxiety. The bottom line is I have no idea what to expect when the baby comes. Yes, my husband I will be tired, we will be covered in poop, pee, and vomit on almost a daily basis, but how does one prepare themselves for that? You can’t.

 I have decided to just be excited and have sweet fanciful dreams about how happy my new little family is going to be …