Thursday, February 13, 2014

Just For Me!

One of the best things about winter is the coziness. I love being wrapped up in soft blankets and sipping hot coffee. Ernie has been really engaging with his toys and having a lot of self directed play time lately, giving Momma some peace and quiet in the morning. I have also been taking advantage of nap time to work on some crochet projects. I think after every Christmas most crafters feel a sense of relief and try to chose at least one project just for themselves. After a little online exploration I found two projects just for me! I even had some yarn stashed away from my birthday last year that I've been wanting to use up. 
Bamboo Silk Blend
Project 1:
The first project I found jon ravelry, the Neon Love Mitts pattern by Meghan Fernandes jumped out at me! A perfect choice for the yarn I wanted to use up.These fingerless mitts have a very simple, well written pattern and whip up in no time! I highly recommend this pattern! Instant gratification.

A Few Notes on the Pattern:
- Be sure to use a larger hook when you make your starting chain, then switch to the size called for in the pattern. I found my chain was too tight with the hook called for in the pattern.
- The pattern says to cut and tie off after you switch each color, which I did on the first mitt ... But boy do I despise weaving in ends! So, on the second mitt I went ahead and carried the yarn along the rows. It worked great and no messy ends to weave in!
Love these colors!
Look at all those ends! 

Weaving Tediousness.
The mitt on the left is the finished mitt if you cut your yarn and tie off after each round ... The mitt on the right is what it looks like if you just carry it ... Huzzah!

Ooooo all done! I love these colorful little beauties! They are super soft and warm too!

Project 2:
After my fingerless mitts I still had plenty of yarn left over so I decided to make something that would work with them ... A sweet little cowl! I found this pattern from one of my favorite blogger, Lucy of Attic24. She calls it a  Cosy Neck Warmer. The pattern is amazingly simple and with her great photos her tutorials are fool proof !
Baby bump!
This cowl worked up in no time ... And it was such a pleasure to create.
It love the way the colors interact, so yummy!

Fits great and feels great! Plus, much less cumbersome than a scarf.

Yay! Just for me! I have worn them so much since I finished them ... I'm in love. 
I definitely will use these patterns to create gifts next season. 

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Hi Becca! I just found your blog through a link on Tangled Happy for your Spring Garland. I immediately started one and love it! My husband is a native Floridian and I lived with him in Florida for the last 13 years before we all moved to north Texas. And I'm also pregnant with our second child, although mine are a few more years apart than yours (our daughter is 12). I'm due at the end of May. It's so nice to find other bloggers you can relate to :-) Love these two projects you made for yourself; the colors are really pretty. Blessings :-)


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