Monday, January 27, 2014

Big News: Leaving the Hollow

Summer in the Hollow

This post has been a difficult one for me to even think about. Early last Fall we discovered/decided  we were going to move from our Enchanted Little Hollow to the bright lights of Charleston, West Virginia. It was a very difficult discion for us to make and even now I miss the quiet and peace from that little house in the back of the holler. I love to sit and think of all the colors that surronded our lives in those mountains. It was incrediclby beautiful, all year round!

Whitesburg under a blanket of summer clouds.

Early Winter Snow

Reflecting on the years we spent in Whitesburg, Kentucky is bitter sweet. As time goes by I find the sweet parts are more worth remembering than the bitter, but isn't that true of life in general? Moving to Appalachia was such a drastic change for me, coming from my warm, flat home in South Florida. I felt fairly out of place but curious and interested in what these Kentuckians could teach me.

Summit City Lounge was the place that first made me feel at home in Whitesburg and I still love it deeply.  It's not really so much a "lounge," which I always picture as being draped in red velvet and filled with creepy men, but more of a Pub, a community gathering place where all are welcome and even if you go in not knowing a soul, you will come out with a new friend. Summit was where I first got to know Whitesburg and its characters. I spent my first year working there behind the bar making sandwiches, fixing coffee, and mixing drinks. I instantly felt a part of the community and I fell in love with it.

Another thing I absolutely loved about living in Whitesburg as being a DJ at WMMT, our local
community radio station. It was one of the best experiences I've had as an adult. So much fun and such a wonderful radio station I was proud to be a part of ... and still hope to maybe be a part of again someday.

Living in Whitesburg exposed me to the beauty and ugliness of Appalachia and instilled in me a profound respect for the region. I also discovered my love for Soup Beans and Dwight Yokum ... I now can't listen to Route 23 without tearing up! We have gained some friends here who I hope to know forever and will always happily remember all the fun times we shared together. Most of all my Son was born in the 'burg in the small regional hospital by the most incredible midwife.  I am so grateful my husband and I were able to have him in such a warm and caring environment. We were lucky to have spent Ernie's first 16 months of life in the back of our quiet little holler watching him grow as seasons change.

But life changes and we adjust. Now that we live in the city I could not be further away from my Grandfather's wish for a quiet life. But we are all enjoying living near playgrounds, museums, bakeries, coffee shops, farmers markets, and even silly things like malls and yarn shops. I have joined a local stitch group. I've only been to one meeting but so far I really adore it! Life is good and we keep rolling on. I will always treasure and love the time we spent in Whitesburg and forever thankful for the beautiful memories we formed.

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