Monday, January 27, 2014

Big News: It's a BABY!

Hurray! This is my BIGGEST news of all!
We are happily expecting our second baby!
It's hard to believe I started this blog while I was pregnant with Ernie and here I am, nearly 6 months along with our second. We were lucky enough to learn that we are having another boy shortly before Christmas. We have had a name for a second boy in our back pockets since we were pregnant with Ernie ... so...
Coming Early Summer ...
Alfred Brooks
We plan on calling him Alfie.
My Grandfather, Rev. Alfred Brooks Sr.
My Uncle, Alfred Brooks Jr.
That's right, we are naming our second son after my Grandfather, who has always been an inspiration to me. Also, my Uncle,  Alfred Brooks Jr.,  passed away early last spring. I didn't know him well but my father always spoke very highly of him and we have always held him with great regard in my family. It is in honor of these two great men that we pass down the Alfred Brooks moniker. It's also nice, because we will share the middle name, Brooks, which my father passed down to me.
I have been feeling a lot of movement from Alfie in the past week or so, always such an exciting part of being pregnant! The downside is that movement is usually accompanied with heartburn, bigger belly and an overall feeling of exhaustion. Ernie isn't giving me much wiggle room to rest, but I don't care! I'm trying to relish these last few months with just the three of us. So many happy changes!


  1. So many things have changed for you! How all very exciting though! I'm very excited your Ernie is getting to be a big brother! I can't wait to see your new summer pictures from your new home and I wish you guys all the luck with everything.

    1. Thanks Tabby! We are pretty excited, but still whirling from all the changes! Now that I'm back in blog land, I hope to keep up with your blog more! Hope you had great Holidays!


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