Saturday, August 17, 2013

I'm back!


Wow! What a wild summer! We did our share of travel, vacation, beach, swimming, mountains, markets, garden, and had great visits with family and friends. Altogether it was an amazing summer.... 

                                                         Summer Grilling! Yum!
The biggest milestone of the summer was Ernie turning ONE!!!! He had a great party! He loves Micky Mouse so we had a Mickey themed party.

               Above is the Mickey garland I made to decorate his high chair ... turned out great


I was a total sentimental wreck before his birthday ... Staring at his newborn photos wanting to hold my tiny baby again .... Crazy huh? I think most parents probably go through something like that, but he now nearly 13 months and I'm enjoying Ernie the toddler. 
 Happy to report that we will be settling back  into the normal hum of life in our happy little hollow. . . 

I have contemplated selling my handmade items online for awhile and after a big push from several friends I have decided to give it a go! I'm quite nervous but very excited! I now have a Facebook page and an Etsy Shop. I'll post more info on those soon I promise! I'm so ready to be creatively productive and now that we are easing into Fall/Winter I think its a good time to bring out the hook! Boy have I been busy! 

                                                    Latest Baby Owl Rattle for a Friend

I also have a few more fun patterns to share with you! Yay! I promise I have returned from my summer off and I plan to be visiting the blog much more regularly. Until next time!


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  1. Welcome back, so glad you have had a wonderful summer!! Happy birthday wishes to Ernie too!! xxx


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