Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ravelry "Attic24" Inspired Swap

YAY! The Attic24 inspired "Small Pleasures" swap is officially complete! 
My partner and I have both received our well traveled packages so I am now free to share with you all.
I had a great time with the theme of this swap package. I don't really do many swaps, but since I just love Lucy's blog I knew I could not resist. It was so much fun getting to now my English partner and I hope to continue our new friendship now that we are bonded by yarn creativity! 

First I'm going to show you what I put together for her, then share what she sent for me. 

I have always really admired the wreaths Lucy creates and I just LOVE her flowers, so I decided to make Mel a little spring wreath. I loved this little beauty very much, and to be honest it was very hard to part with! Then again, I am learning that this is the best qualification for a job well done!

 I decided to follow Lucy's lead with her May Roses Wreath and just attach them with pretty pins - worked like a charm! And much less messy than trying to sew all the flowers and leaves on!

 Hanging on my wall ... I will definitely need to make one for myself!

My other handmade item was this little flower candle holder. I love this pretty little thing! 

Mel loves tea ... I couldn't resist this teacup from our local antique shop!

 A quilt square pin made by Kentucky artisans...
A Sweet Little Appalachian Doll

 I also included the fun dish towel, a little notebook, and some lovely blue chunky blended yarn. I hope she loved her package, it was truly a pleasure to assemble! 


Now, the package Mel sent me was soooo wonderful! It really made my day when I opened it! 
So exciting to receive a package from overseas!

 Her Package included two vintage patterns (really love the shawl pattern!), a skein of yarn, lovely note card set, a pretty card,  handmade items, and the pretty check fabric. 
Baby Ernie has LOVED playing with the fabric!
 OOOH! I do LOVE the little handmade items! The very sweet framed tiny flower, a Mellie Moo Crochet Owl, one of Lucy's Triple Layer Flowers as a broad AND...................................... My very favorite thing in the entire package - a little Doctor!!!! Doctor #4 to be exact ... played by Tom  Baker. 
He is one of my favorite Doctors! I was sooo happy to find him in my box! I will treasure him always! 
Thank you so much Mel!
So inspiring!



  2. Hi Becca! Mellie introduced me to you. I have just read through some of your latest posts and enjoyed seeing your snow and daffodil and cardinal as well as your wonderful crochet work! Thanks for posting!


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