Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Early Spring

March is a very busy month for my family! We celebrated my husbands birthday and have been traveling here and here for various work conferences of his. It's been very fun to get out of town and see new places. Ernie is learning to travel!

For my husbands birthday I usually bake him something extra special. His favorite desert is usually a Chocolate Pecan Pie. Well, he has probably eaten dozens of those in his life so I decided I wanted to make him something extra special! I am a fairly frequent "Pinner" on Pinterest and a few months ago I stumbled upon the Pecan Pie Cake recipe from the fantastic food blog Sweet Jeanette.

Well, I rolled up my sleeves and gave it a go! 

It turned out WONDERFULLY! 
This recipe is so well constructed ... I highly recommend it! The cake was so fantastic  It's our new favorite! 

I also have been crafting away as usual this month! I have a relative who has been going through a lot of medical problems. She has understandably been feeling down and decided to create a wall of positivity. 
 I'm calling it a "Happy Thoughts" wall. I think this is such a great idea! I decided to make her something special to brighten up her new happy space. 

Mini Bunting!!!
 This was such a sweet little project I fell in love with my little triangles  I plan on making more! In fact, I plan on posting a tutorial about it as soon as I find the time! Hopefully but the end of the week!

 The Teeny Tiny Flower pattern is not my own, I found it on Lucy's Blog of course! Attic 24.

Spring is here! It's still a little chilly but it has been so nice to walk outside with Ernie. I love strolling down our little hollow. When the sun is out it's beyond gorgeous. 
Buds from the Tulip Magnolia
Even the bare trees look pretty against the brightness of the blue sky.
 It helps me not miss my sunny home of Florida as much ... 
Due to all the rain/snow we have had lately the little stream through our hollow has been bubbling and gurgling louder than ever! Ernie loves to watch the water as we walk by... 
 It's so wonderful to see all the green sprouts, daffodils and teeny tiny flower of spring growing along the side.

Early spring is an exciting time! 
After all the browns and grays of winter we now get splashed of color in the most unlikely places! 
What a wonderful month March has been so far ... 

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  1. I love seeing the pretty flowers peeking out from the leaves of last fall :) We still have snow here but the daffodil greens are starting to sprout - a hint of spring to come!


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