Wednesday, February 6, 2013

NO TV :: DAY 3

DAY 3:  This will have to be another quick little post today, as I have a very needy teething Baby. I think he is working on his top teeth ... His two bottom teeth came in before he was even 6 months old! What can I say, he's going to be toothy!

Anyway, this is my third day of no TV  and it passed rather uneventfully with no caving. I must say that Ernie has a lot to do with keeping me busy ... I didn't have time for many ramblings! I hope to get out for a walk tomorrow if the weather is nice. On my way to the mailbox this afternoon I noticed a little green coming up in our herb box and couldn't believe what I saw ...
The chives have sprouted! 

I'm a little worried that with the weather being how it's been we won't have a proper spring this year but who knows ... maybe it's just around corner!

I did get something crafty accomplished today! I made a little progress some more Ewoks. They don't look like much now but the most tedious part of the process is over and now comes the fun! I can't wait to bring these guys to life! I think each one will have his own little personality. :)

As usual I have a very long "To Do" list in the craft sphere and very little time to get all my projects done.
 Still, I have a little show and tell of something I DID finish...
I'm modeling a hat here that I made for a friend. 

It's a lovely pattern from Posh Patterns, called a Faux Cable Beanie. I made one for my son too! 

Well, that about does it for this evening. I'm off to care for my baby and then probably get some rest myself. 

Three days down, four to go! I can do it!

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