Monday, February 4, 2013

NO TV :: DAY 1

DAY 1:  So far so good with the NO TV adventure. It was hard not to sit down this morning with my hot cup of coffee and put on a nice mystery ... but I resisted! YAY!

We had a nice little snow over the weekend ... perfect for snow balls! I didn't through any snowballs myself, Ernie is still a bit to small to really drag around in the snow and enjoy it, but I was able to step outside and snap a few photo and crunch around in the accumulation ...
Hey, there's a little Gnome crawling through the snow! 

Our little herb garden is hibernating!

So my husband and I mixed up some dough this morning  before he left for work ... 

Few things are better than fresh baked bread!

YUM! Such a delicious simple little meal ... 

So anyway, what did I do today instead of TV? The usual really ... I cleaned, I made bread, I cared for Ernie. Still, I feel good not resorting to zombie couch time. I didn't get much crochet done though, and I am running a little behind schedule for a couple projects so hopefully I can get some of that done tomorrow!

Day one down ... six more to go! 

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