Thursday, February 21, 2013

Just Hanging Around

 Well, today is just another day in our little Hermitage. Ernie and I are spending the day indoors despite how beautiful it is outside ... it's still just a bit to chilly to take Ernie on any long walks.  He has also been busy working on cutting his two top teeth ... He isn't the happiest of babies right now. As you can see the daffodils outside our home are on the verge of blooming! So very early in the season, but I can't wait! I love bulb flowers! As a Floridian it is still a great treat to see them bloom in the "wild." Growing up you could buy a potted plant that would never live very long and of course cut flower at the shop. I just love all the tulips and daffodils this time of year!
  So nice to see some color!
 I have finished my other two Ewoks! 
I am happy to say they are both unique and lovable ... can't wait to send them to their new homes! 
I managed to somehow whip up these boot cuffs last night after Ernie went to sleep! I made them for a friend, I hope she loves them!
My favorite flowers are Fuchsias  I can't wait to get some plants this year! I hope to have a few of them on our porch if possible ... they always attract humming birds ... which never fail to be magical when you spot one!
 I'm not completely in love with this design ... going to keep tweaking a bit!
Here is little Ernie, playing on his new rug that his Daddy bought for him! He loves it! 

That's all for today, I have some Rosemary Salt bread in the oven that needs to come out. It smells delicious!


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