Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Green & Blue Day

Today I woke up to a beautiful sunrise coming over the mountain. The sky was a bluish grey streaked with pinkish orange clouds. My baby was cuddled next to me, patting my face with his warm sweet soft hands. I thought of getting out of bed to find my camera to take some photos but I decided just gently soaking up the sunrise, thinking happy thoughts, and hearing my baby babble "mooommmama" was worth staying in bed for. What a beautiful memory, even now at the end of the day when all is quiet and dark.

Today really felt like spring... The sky was sooo blue and the grass was sooo green! It was inspiring to get out of the house, so Ernie and rambled a little. I enjoyed a trip into town, where I found some fun surprises to put in a crochet group swap I'm participating in ... I can't wait to show you all what I'm making and gathered up for it! It should be a great one! It's inspired by Lucy@Attic24 so it's a colorful one! :)

Anyway, below are a few photos from today's ramblings... I hope you enjoy the blues and greens as much as I did!

Hard to believe this little Gnome was under snow last week and is now peering at us through the grass!

The daffodils will be blooming soon!

I was so happy to see the sunshine today! Sooo excited for spring and warmer weather! There is still so much to show Ernie ... I can't wait!

Till next time ....

Ps- I did managed to stay away from the TV for my final two days! :)

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  1. Ugh, your prefect little hide-away makes me long for a home in the country. One day, I hope, we'll be somewhere just as peaceful and beautiful as your home. Thank you for sharing!


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