Thursday, January 31, 2013


On January 19th I turned 30.  The last decade was pretty incredible. I traveled all over the world from Peru to Ethiopia to Samoa. I graduated college with a degree in Anthropology. I was able to practice archaeology. I met my best friends. I met my husband. I dedicated a year to helping my sister overcome bone cancer. I had a baby. Of course loads more happened but those are the highlights and they are pretty awesome.

Overall I am content. I live in sweet little home nestled in the back of a little hollow surrounded by little mountains with trees and little creatures. I have a husband I love. I have a beautiful and perfect little baby boy who I am fortunate to stay home with and smother with kisses. I am surrounded by interesting people in an interesting community with a variety of interesting things always going on. I am living a life I never saw for myself and it is nice.

 I do get frustrated with living in such a “rural” part of the country at times. No bookstores, no coffee shops, no craft stores, and only 5 restaurants. This may sound silly but you never realize how much you miss these things until they are gone. Most of the time this doesn't bother me, but occasionally I wish I could do something as simple as take a crochet class without needing to drive 1 ½ f hours to the nearest yarn shop or just go get some coffee and sit in a little cafĂ© with my son. Every now and then I catch myself celebrating mediocrity.  So it goes.

Most of all this year on my birthday I missed my friends and family. They live 14 hours away. The older I get the closer I want to be to them. The harder it becomes to form close friendships with new people. What can you do? Here I am, 30. 
The View of the Back of our Hollow
I did have a very nice and quiet weekend celebrating my birthday with my Husband and Son. We went back to Abingdon, Virginia. It snowed a couple days before but the sky was clear when we drove over. The sun was out and all the snow was glittering ... so beautiful! I love sunny snowy days. I had a FANTASTIC time and did everything I hoped to do that day. 

We started out at the local coffee shop Zazzy'Z, a must for me when I'm in Abingdon. After some yummy coffee and a breakfast sandwich we hit the yarn shop! Well, by "we" I mean Me. Q and E went off to have an adventure of their own.  This was my second visit to A Likely Yarn. The lovely Delita and Cassie were kind enough to knit/crochet with me for a couple hours. I was heavenly! I would probably stop in every Saturday if I lived even a little closer! 

After the yarn shop we were ready to eat. We went to a local farm to table restaurant called the Harvest Table. It was in a neat building with a little store attached. Even the bread was made on site. Love! After lunch we made our way to the cupcake store downtown. I chose three flavors: Wedding Cake, Chocolate with Chocolate Ganache, and my all time FAVORITE Chocolate with Peanut Butter icing. 

After a little window shopping we went to the local brewery Wolf Hills Brewery. I got the sampler ... YUMMMMMM. My favorite was their Dunkel Weiss.  We didn't stay long at the brewery  because the heat was out and poor little Ernie was turning into a popsicle!

Dinner time was at the awesome Bella's Pizza, I chose a white pizza after a recommendation from Cassie from the yarn shop - it was sooo delicous and hit the spot after the beer I had earlier. Finally we made our way to our hotel and settled in for the night. 

Q surprised me with my birthday gift. I am such a kid! Some people get jewelry for their 30th birthday ... not me! Video game, Legos, and a TARDIS mug were just what I wanted! Q even topped it off with a bag of Reese's (my favorite candy). I was surprised  by his thoughtfulness, especially after my purchases at the yarn shop. 

The next day we woke up and had an amazing brunch at the Wild Flour Bakery. This was seriously good. I can't wait to eat here again! 

The weekend was capped off with my birthday cake. Q baked the cake and made the vanilla icing from scratch. I decorated it, which was fun! I am completely obsessed with Dr. Who so I decided I wanted a TARDIS cake. The local bakery in our town wouldn't make it, so I did my best to create it! It turned out pretty good ... not a lot of detail and the color is off ... but pretty good considering Ernie was NOT pleased with my attentions being turned away from him while I was trying to decorate. It tasted great!

Well, that's about it for my birthday post! I have one more thing to show you ... my favorite present from my wonderful loving Mother - a Yarn BOX! It's so wonderful ... I totally LOVE IT! 

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  1. Mmm cake ... and that beer looks tasty too! There is a pub in my little twon that does a sampler tray of three thrid of a pint servings ...!! x


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