Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas Crafting!

I am always a little happy and a little sad when Christmastime is over. This past December was one of the busiest (and best) Christmases I have ever had! We were here, there, and everywhere! Which made my plan to make all my gifts a bit of challenge... Mainly because I learned a very valuable lesson about handmade gifts, START EARLY! I was crafting my little fingers to the bone leading up to the last minute and still didn't get a chance to make all the things I was hoping for! I was able to snap a few photos of some of the gifts before I wrapped them … all crocheted of course! I apologize for the quality of a few of the photos, they were taken in a bit of a frenzy before wrapping - not my best work! Still, I wanted to do a little show and tell!


Left to Right: Granny Coasters, Decorated Frame, Holly Pins

Bloom Flower Pillow 

These are just a few of the gifts I made this year! You can see the craziness bordering this photo! Ha! I also made a stack of scarves and my first pair of mittens ever. The mittens turned out great, I'm really sad I didn't photograph them, but I'm planning on making them again. I had so much fun making gifts, I'm hoping to instill a tradition of handmade gift giving in my family. 

As always I have my little assistant! 

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