Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Hazy Shade of Winter

Time, time, time, see what's become of me 
While I looked around 
For my possibilities 
I was so hard to please 
But look around, leaves are brown 
And the sky is a hazy shade of winter 
-Simon & Garfunkle

This certainly has been a bizarre winter ... even I can tell and I'm a Floridian! One week it's freezing ... the next it's in the 60's even 70's and the week after that it's snowing! Even yesterday it was raining and in the 60's and today it was snowing! If anyone still doubts global warming ... Anyway, these photos were taken earlier this month while the weather was going through one of it's more mild temperaments and my little family went for a walk and some Saturday morning brunch. 

 So neat to see ice branches! 

 Taken outside a neat old building in downtown Whitesburg KY. We only live about a mile from downtown so we like to walk when we can.
 Local Bed and Breakfast

  Lovely Downtown Whitesburg!

 New Public Art!

 Mimosa! Yay for Brunch! 

Our town recently got a new bakery, "Here Comes the Bun." They specialize in cupcakes, donuts and sandwiches. Everything I have eaten here has been delicious! It's owned by 3 young entrepreneurs who are working their tails off so that it succeeds! Hats off to them!
 MMMMMM ... Chocolate Chocolate Cupcake ....

It was a nice little Saturday.
January was a good month. 
My little Baby turned 6 months old and had his first taste of "solid" food. I can tell already he is going to be a chow hound! Looking forward to making his baby food at home ... such an interesting new chapter ... but on the other hand we only have 6 more months of baby! Bittersweet ... 

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