Saturday, November 3, 2012

Little Taste of Winter

This really is the last view of Fall this year ... it was so gorgeous! 
So hard to think that just a few days later the leaves fell and it snowed!

Well, the worst we got from Hurricane Sandy were a few fallen trees and some very early snow! I think we were pretty lucky for that ... I have never lived in a place where it snowed in October! Being from Florida, this time of year is still pretty sweaty. It is interesting to consider Halloween Costumes based on cold weather - Trick or Treating in the snow? Craziness! I wouldn't have ever thought that would be an issue... I suppose all those years in Florida I went as a "Fairy" I took the heat for granted. I didn't dress up this year ... but we did get Ernie all dolled up in a Little Sheriff onesie ... it was crazy adorable. Especially his awesome cowboy mustache! I loved walking around with him looking a all the other little kiddos. So many superheros, monsters, and pirates. Next year we are thinking Wookie for Ernie ...

Snow in October!?!?! Our neighbors house up the mountain ... 
This is right behind our home ... it was so beautiful to wake up to this in the morning!

 A bit cold for the chipmunks ...

 The wonderful Japanese Maple ... 
Something magical about the first snow of the  year ... I can't believe it's all melted by now. 

Fire in the Snow 

Not sure if we can still really call this time of year "Fall" anymore ...

But definite inspiration for hooky time!!!! 


  1. That Maple looks fantastic in the snow.

  2. That's insane! I've never been anywhere where it snowed so early. But you're right, the first snow fall is completely magical.


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