Friday, September 21, 2012

Here and There

The weather has finally turned for the better ... Fall has arrived a bit early to the mountains due to the drought we had this summer, but it's still very welcomed! Everyone is so glad to have some relief from the heat ... the peak of the "leaf" season is supposedly October 22 and a few of the trees have started to turn. I plan on updating the blog with fall photos as the trees begin to "light up" so keep your eyes peeled for some bright colors as the weeks pass. I can't WAIT to see our holler, being surrounded by mountains on either side should make for some intense colors!

Below are just a few photos from here and there throughout Whitesburg ... Ernie and I have been out and about enjoying this beautiful weather. 
I hope you enjoy them!

Mushrooms ... 

Goldenrod flowers line the roadsides of our area ... gorgeous and bright!
They are the state flower of Kentucky.

Our neighbors grow the prettiest flowers!
Black Walnut is a common tree, once they fall folks like to collect them up and cook em! We may try this year ourselves if we can get a our hands on some. 

We have wildflowers growing here and there all over our holler practically all year ...
winter excluded of course!


Last flourishes of green this season still light up our holler ...

Whitesburg Riviera ... 
"Hot Gates" of the 'Burg

Jewelweed is a plant of my childhood. My father and I use to take walks around the hill our family has a cabin on in North Carolina. During these walks we would talk about all kinds of things, but my father, being a botanist, would always tell me about the plants. Jewelweed is by far one of the most fun roadside plants. You can spot them by their bright flowers - orange, yellow,  purple or pink they look sort of like mini orchid flowers. However, what makes them really neat is the little pods that grow on them. These pods EXPLODE when you touch them  with your fingers ... sometimes they need a little pinch but either way they are super fun! To this day I still absolutely LOVE to look for the biggest pods on these plants. I try to pass on my knowledge of these plants to other adults but they don't seem to care as much as kids. My husband thinks I'm crazy whenever I stop to look for pods because there is usually some poison ivy lurking nearby. What's funny is this plant has been used as a medicinal treatment for poison ivy. ;)


One of the "Holler Dogs" ... pretty cute one at that!
 First Fires of Fall 


I have about 5 crochet projects going on right now with more hanging in the back of my mind. 
It's hard to get much done these days, but it makes the time I'm able to spend crafting feel more like a treat. . . 

Ernie is doing great! A little needy, but that's why I am here ... I'm so glad that I am able to stay home with him... I couldn't imagine dropping him at a daycare. I'm a lucky girl! Being a mother has it's challenges, but I'm learning. I love my little nugget so much ... snuggling and nuzzling all day. He is already 7 weeks old! Time really does fly by, I can see how the first year can just disappear! We are trying to savoir every moment with him ... In other news I am an Aunt again! My brother/sister-in-laws have just had a baby girl! I LOVE nieces (have 4 already) ... 
I plan on spoiling her properly. 
Life is cheery back in the holler these days. 


  1. I love when you post pictures from around your home. They're so beautiful. I wish we lived in a country setting too, one day hopefully. I'm glad Ernie is doing well! And congrats in becoming an aunt x4. Aunt hood is something way different than motherhood, good thing too! Sorry just thinking out loud. ;-)

    1. Thanks Tabby! Country setting is beautiful ... but driving an hour and forty five minutes to the nearest hobby lobby/target can be frustrating!Then again, we probably save money because of that ...

      Being an Aunt is so great!I think all the experience I had with my nieces helped me feel more prepared for parenthood ... somewhat anyway! ;)


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