Monday, August 27, 2012

A Morning Stroll ...

Whoohoo! Last week my parents came in town for a visit - we were so happy to see them! It had been about a week since we had any visitors and were in need of a little break - Grandparents are always up for holding the baby! Yay for taking showers and doing laundry! 

Well, I had not been outside really since Ernie was born, so I decided to take a walk with my Dad and Little E around one of our local lakes. It was such a beautiful day out! I really needed the fresh air and it was Ernie's first visit to the great outdoors. 

 Pretty enough to eat! Too bad there is no swimming allowed... 

The root of this plant is used in a lot of essential oils and it is most commonly known as being one of the originally ingredients in Root Beer. YUM!  

The weather was beautiful that day ... it's funny how you can just tell that the seasons are starting to change. Something in the air just changes ... Fall is my very favorite season - it fills me with euphoria and excitement! I swear I can see some leaves starting to change around our town already ... Yay!

 Such a peaceful quite walk ... it felt so good to be out in the natural air.


 So many pretty flowers! 

As I'm putting this blog together, Mr. Ernie is starting to cry ... we have been battling with colic lately. 
It's been tiring, but my husband and I are up for the challenge. We could not be more in love with our little boy ... I actually have been doing some crocheting with my "spare time" - HA! Basically I have found ways to occupy myself while the baby nurses ... I'll try to post with more pictures of those projects and a possible tutorial on simple crochet beanies.

Must go tend to the little one! 


Remember, be kind!