Saturday, July 14, 2012

Views from the Hollow

Aaaahhh .... Summer. I must say that this has been a very relaxing season for me. 
I feel very lucky to be spending it growing this baby and resting. 

Granted, I have been living up to my blog name ... I have been living a very hermitish lifestyle. The third trimester is so exhausting I have little interest in socializing. I'm so uncomfortable and grumpy I feel like I make horrible company for anyone (plus, I don't have much to talk about other than being pregnant and crafting). I'm 3 weeks to my due date tomorrow and am really feeling it! Hard to breathe, feeling huge and still getting bigger, killer heartburn and have the worst sleep schedule. My husband has been beyond patient and kind ... poor man. I think women who work up until delivery deserve many medals and at least weekly massages! I really appreciate how lucky I am!

The other day I decided to take a little walk around our holler. I brought my camera along so I could share some of the pretty things that we are fortunate to be surrounded by ... 
PEPPERS!!! From our Container Garden!
Tommy Toe Heirloom Tomatoes! Not quite ripe yet, but they are probably close to full grown - cherry tomato size. We are going to have a HUGE crop of these! I can't wait! 
This is my favorite little Holler Dweller ... Chippy lives in the small stone rock wall behind our house. I usually spot him hanging out on these rocks or foraging from under our bird feeders.
The flowers below were taken around a neighbors house ... they had such a wonderful planting I couldn't help myself! I love their garden. They seem to have flowers for every season, that require little maintenance and are beautiful! Below are mostly Lilies - enjoy the colors!

The back of our enchanted holler...

It has been one dry summer! Our usually flowing little stream is completely dry! 

They were yummmy!
Japanese Maple
The lone withery wisteria flowers - I wish I knew how to get these to flower all season.

Yellow Finch! So colorful!

I have tried and tried to get a good shot of this little humming bird that snacks on our fuchsia - this was the best one I could get! I love these magical little birds. 


Well, I hope you all enjoyed my photos! We are so happy in the back of our little holler! 

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