Monday, July 2, 2012

Abingdon, VA

Q and I decided to get away for a day before the baby comes . . . we didn't really want to do the same old thing so we thought we would explore a nearby town. Abingdon, Virginia is only about an hour and forty-five minutes away from where we live and I have heard it was charming from many locals so I thought I would give it a try. Honestly, the main street was pretty cute with lots of antique shops and different little restaurants. There are also a lot of historical sites and museums in the area, but since I can't walk for very long without needing a break we kept our activity pretty light.

We made it in town just in time to check out the little Farmers Market. I just love those! I'm sad Whitesburg doesn't have one, but apparently there just isn't enough demand for an outdoor market like that in our town. There were lots of fresh veggies, organic meat, homemade soaps and of course my all time favorite - FLOWERS! We didn't get any but I just love seeing flowers in a market, it reminds me of trips to southeast asia with my father as a teenager ... the flower market in Bangkok is HUGE and smells incredible. Anyway, many folks don't realize how lucky they are to live in a place where they can get fresh cut local flowers! There was even some local wool from a farm called Grandview Sheep Farm! I didn't pick any out because it was too scratchy for my tastes, but it was pretty exciting for me to see that out and about. 

After the market we wandered around the downtown a little, we weren't really in the mood to "shop" but we poked our head in a little antique store to cool off. There was also a local coffee shop, called Zazzy's I wanted to check out ... I'm always on the look out for those. It was quaint, the coffee was pretty good, and it had a pretty interesting book selection ... but it was getting late and we were getting hot and dangerously grumpy ... so it was time to eat!  For lunch we stopped in a little pizza place that a friend of my recommended, Bella's. It was sooo yummy and we were grateful for the cold drinks and air-conditioning (it was over 100 degrees at this point!).

Refreshed albeit slightly stuffed after lunch it was time for the most exciting part of the day (for me, not really Q) - THE YARN SHOP!!!!! Now, the nearest place for me to by yarn is Wal-Mart ... so I am pretty much ecstatic when I come across a REAL yarn shop. A Likely Yarn, is the closest specialty yarn shop to where I live. I absolutely LOVED IT! It had a great selection of all different types of yarn - practical and fancy. The staff was also wonderfully friendly and very helpful. I can't wait to go back! Q deserves some kind of medal for helping me deal with all that yarn. He knew I wanted to start the Attic24 Blooming Flower Cushion, and could also see I was starting to swoon and would give up at any moment. . . it's hard to make logical choices around so much beautiful yarn! Anyway, Q helped me pull up the BFC Tutorial page on his phone and we were able to make some color choices. I went with a wool/acrylic blend ... I think we needed a couple extra colors but I hope this will be enough! I honestly am horrible with knowing how much yarn to buy for a project. 
Final Color Choices! 
Abingdon has a public art campaign called "Who's Afriad of Virginia's Wolves?" Most of the businesses all have a representative wolf. Below is the yarn shop's wolf!

Love the Knitting Needles!
After doing some damage at the yarn shop we headed over the the Arts Depot. A converted railway station that houses studios for local artists.  There was an interesting collection of painters, jewelers, potters, weavers and  photographers. I must admit though, our favorite part of the whole thing was the cat that hung out in front of the gallery. Apparently it bites if you pet it ... yet it is incredibly friendly and will rub all over you. I could hardly tear Q away from the kitty ... and it wasn't until we left that we noticed the "do not pet me" sign. Ha! Too funny. She was still a sweet cat in our eyes ... but we are weird cat people.  

The day wore on and we were both getting tired ... we settled into a nice cold movie theater and watched "Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter," which we both really enjoyed. None of the dinner options really enticed us but we tried a local place called the "Peppermill" ... it was okay. Ahh ... time to go back to the hotel and snuggle. Abingdon wasn't a particularly amazing town, but it was cute and it felt nice to be someplace else. I think it would be wonderful to go back in the fall! Besides ... with a yarn shop like the one they have I think I will be going there a lot more frequently over the years! Overall I was just happy to spend the day with my husband.

Bizarre Mural Outside the Movie Theater! 

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