Monday, June 25, 2012

Granny Stripe Blanket!

Baby Blanket Success! 

I started this baby blanket awhile back and  FINALLY finished it today! It's not that I crochet slowly, but I just kept getting distracted by other projects. It didn't take long to get it done once I really sat down and concentrated on it. This was my very FIRST blanket of any kind. I made it for Little Ernie - I can already see him all wrapped up in ... yay! 

Anyway, this blanket is not without it's flaws ... slightly wonky due to an extra DC Cluster that I made fairly early on and didn't catch until it was much to late to fix ... at least for a novice like myself! 
I still love the way it turned out! 

See my little mistake? 

I wasn't sure if I would enjoy making a blanket ... I normally prefer smaller projects, but I must say that I am hooked! I plan on making more mini-blankets and hopefully a BIG one when I have the nerve to buy the amount of yarn that would be necessary for a larger project ... I used Red Heart Soft %100 Acrylic Yarn for this project ... I'm actually surprised at how much I liked using this yarn ... unlike most Red Heart Products it really is soft and has a nice luster to it ... I would definitely use it again for any project. There are few options for yarn purchasing in my little town and even the Red Heart Soft I bought at Michael's when I was in a big city. I have a hard time buying yarn that I haven't touched ... What I would do for a local fiber shop ... oh well!  

I found the "Granny Stripe Pattern" on my favorite crochet blog Attic24 ... Check it out if you have the time!  Lucy has a lot of great patterns and some with even step by step photo tutorials that just about anyone can follow. Considering I am completely self taught, I have had to to learn everything from internet resources - sad there are no hooky friends where I live! 

Now, I'm trying to figure out what project to start next ... hmmmm ... 


  1. Hi, I found your blog through Ravelry. I think your blanket looks great and I wouldn't worry about the mistake, you're the only one who'll know! If you're interested, I'm making my own granny stripe, please have a loook at my blog if you have time, it's Thanks x

  2. Lovely Blanket !!!! Nice blog too !! :-)

  3. Hi Becca :)
    What a beautiful blanket! I bet when Ernie arrives he will be all lovely and snuggly in it xxx

    I've just started mine but I am thinking of making a baby one too for a friend who is having a baby girl :) I'll probably use pink and cream as I have quite a stash!

    Take care and take it easy now as you only have a few weeks till Ernie says hi :)

    Claire xxx

  4. Thank you ladies! I'm glad you liked my blanket! I can't wait to start another ... eventually! :)


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